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Oklahoma Local Counsel

Knowledgeable and Ideally Situated
When out-of-state businesses get involved in litigation in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas or Missouri, the Richardson Richardson Boudreaux Law Firm is frequently called upon to act as local counsel. Our attorneys are experienced; we know the applicable law, we understand the local practices and procedures, and we know the people both inside and outside the state and federal courthouses. With offices in Tulsa, OK (which borders Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri), we are ideally situated to represent out-of-state law firms in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri.

Able to Handle Complex Cases:
Richardson Richardson Boudreaux has served as local counsel in various complex lawsuits, including disputes related to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, and other areas. We work regularly with out-of-state and national law firms.

Ready to Act:
Disputes can arise suddenly and with little or no notice. Richardson Richardson Boudreaux works quickly and efficiently. We understand the pace of business and litigation. We are equipped and prepared to respond accordingly.

Served as local counsel in Libel / Slander lawsuit; helped obtain favorable settlement prior to trial. Retained as local counsel in pharmaceutical lawsuits in multiple federal courts.

Assisted as local counsel for an Anti-Trust case; obtained favorable verdict from Oklahoma court.

Served as local counsel and helped obtain favorable settlements in multiple Medical Malpractice lawsuits in Oklahoma courts.

Retained as local counsel for various law firms from multiple states.

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