The presence of dangerous drugs in the marketplace has become so prevalent that the general public has become more aware of what used to be an infrequent and largely invisible problem. This shift is the byproduct of profit-driven drug companies, and often dishonesty.

If you suspect you or a loved one is the victim of a dangerous drug, we can help. Our firm secured over $32 million in one case involving dangerous drugs. Each member of our team of Tulsa dangerous drug attorneys has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured Tulsa-area residents.

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A “hit” drug can bring a pharmaceutical company billions of dollars in profits in just one year, and patents last for decades, often guaranteeing drug companies’ long-term cash cows so they can successfully launch new drugs.

Since the FDA conducts no testing for the drug approval process, and instead relies on drug companies to provide all of the information it uses, it is vitally important for manufacturers to put safety first.
When pharmaceutical companies fail in their responsibility to ensure drugs are safe, injuries and death can occur. To ensure that new drugs are approved, drug companies sometimes:
Fail to conduct adequate testing

Fail to provide the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with full and complete information regarding test results

  1. Ozempic – Uncovering the Risks: A Focus on Drug Safety
    Ozempic, a medication widely used for managing diabetes, has recently come under scrutiny for potential safety concerns. Our firm has noted a growing number of cases where patients have experienced severe side effects after using Ozempic. These complications range from minor symptoms to life-threatening conditions, underscoring the need for thorough investigation and accountability. Richardson Richardson Boudreaux is committed to providing rigorous legal support to those adversely affected by Ozempic.
    Our team of experienced attorneys understands the complexities surrounding drug-related injuries. We delve deeply into each case, examining the nuances of drug interactions and the specific circumstances of our clients' experiences. By leveraging our extensive knowledge in pharmaceutical litigation, we aim to secure the justice and compensation our clients deserve. If you or a loved one has suffered due to Ozempic, reach out to us for a consultation.
  2. Mounjaro – Seeking Justice for Adverse Effects
    Mounjaro has emerged as a prominent treatment option for diabetes, but recent reports indicate potential risks associated with its use. Patients have reported experiencing unexpected side effects, ranging from mild discomfort to severe health complications. At Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, we are dedicated to investigating these claims and providing a voice to those harmed. Our legal expertise in drug-related cases positions us to effectively challenge negligent practices.
    Our approach is client-focused, ensuring personalized attention and a thorough understanding of each individual's situation. We meticulously gather evidence, consult medical experts, and build a robust case to hold responsible parties accountable. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive full compensation for their suffering and losses. Contact us if you believe Mounjaro has negatively impacted your health or that of a loved one.
  3. Wegovy – Addressing Complications and Legal Recourse
    Wegovy, a drug intended for weight management, has been linked to several adverse health outcomes. Our law firm has taken note of these troubling developments and is prepared to assist those affected. We understand the distress caused by unexpected drug reactions and are here to help victims navigate the legal complexities. Our experienced attorneys are adept at handling cases involving pharmaceutical negligence.
    The process of seeking justice for drug-related injuries can be daunting, but our team is equipped to guide you every step of the way. We work diligently to uncover the truth behind each case, ensuring that our clients' rights are fully protected. By combining legal expertise with compassionate representation, we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for those harmed by Wegovy. If you've suffered from using Wegovy, don't hesitate to contact us for support.
  4. Trulicity – Advocating for Patients' Rights
    Trulicity, commonly prescribed for diabetes management, has been the subject of recent legal attention due to possible harmful side effects. At Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, we are closely monitoring these developments to safeguard the well-being of our clients. Our firm has a strong track record of successfully handling cases involving pharmaceutical injuries. We are dedicated to ensuring that patients' rights are respected and that negligent manufacturers are held accountable.
    Our legal team combines in-depth knowledge of drug liability laws with a compassionate understanding of the challenges faced by those injured by pharmaceuticals. We are committed to delivering personalized legal solutions that address the unique aspects of each Trulicity-related case. Our objective is to secure fair compensation for our clients, helping them recover from their ordeal. If you have experienced adverse effects from Trulicity, our firm is here to offer expert legal assistance.


Unfortunately, negligent pharmaceutical companies are not the only ones who can cause serious drug injuries. Perfectly safe drugs can become dangerous drugs when doctors do not administer them properly.

  • Doctors can, for example:
  • Prescribe them for off-label use
  • Fail to monitor patients’ use of drugs by way of blood and liver tests
  • Fail to inform patient of potential side effects
  • Engage in over medication, or over prescribe certain drugs


Dangerous drug cases are typically highly complex, and require the assistance of a strong legal advocate. At Richardson Richardson Boudreaux out Tulsa dangerous drug lawyers have more than 150 years of collective experience with personal injury claims, and have the skill and resources necessary to get the best possible results. Additionally, our firm employs a full-time nurse to increase our ability to fully advocate for your rights.

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