Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Oklahoma City

By: RRB Marketing On January 25, 2024
Most dangerous roads and intersections in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City faces challenges with road safety. Some roads and intersections in the city are notorious for being more dangerous than others. Understanding these areas can be crucial for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to stay safe. It's not just about avoiding accidents but also about being aware of the risks on these roads.

At Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, we know that car accidents can happen at any time. We also understand that intersection accidents on dangerous roadways are common. Distracted driving and drunk driving on these roads can lead to severe injuries, so always drive your vehicle safely. Stay informed and stay safe as you travel through Oklahoma City. Then, contact us to schedule a free consultation. We would be honored to see if we can recover compensation for you following a serious car accident.

Overview of Understanding Dangerous Roads and Intersections

Dangerous roads and intersections are often identified through traffic studies and car accident reports. These areas have higher rates of accidents, injuries, and sometimes fatalities. Understanding why these locations are dangerous helps in taking preventive measures. It's not just about knowing where these areas are but also understanding what makes them risky.

Factors like high traffic volumes, poor road design, and inadequate signage contribute to these dangers. Local authorities often try to address these issues, but it's a continuous challenge. As drivers, being aware of these high-risk areas can help in planning safer routes. It's also important for local communities to advocate for better road safety measures in these areas.

Most Dangerous Roads in Oklahoma City


Interstate 40 ranks among the busiest highways in Oklahoma City, known for its heavy traffic flow. Accidents on I-40 are often due to high speeds and the volume of vehicles, including large trucks. This highway sees a mix of local and through traffic, adding to its complexity. Drivers need to be especially vigilant on this stretch of road. Accidents happen here regularly.


Interstate 35 in Oklahoma City is another major road with a high accident rate. This interstate is a key route for both local commuters and long-distance travelers. The mix of high-speed travel and varying traffic patterns creates the potential for collisions. Drivers often face challenges with lane changes and merging traffic on I-35.

Broadway Extension (US-77)

The Broadway Extension, also known as US-77, is a critical artery in Oklahoma City. This road is notorious for its heavy traffic, especially during rush hours. The high vehicle volume and frequent lane changes make it a hotspot for accidents. Drivers need to be alert for sudden stops and quick lane changes. They should always remain patient to avoid being involved in a crash.

Northwest Expressway (OK-3)

The Northwest Expressway, or OK-3, is a major thoroughfare in Oklahoma City. This road sees a high volume of traffic, including a mix of commercial and personal vehicles. The expressway's multiple lanes and frequent intersections contribute to its riskiness. Drivers often encounter sudden lane changes and merging traffic.

Accidents on the Northwest Expressway are frequently related to speed and congestion. The road's layout, with numerous access points and businesses along its length, adds to the complexity of driving here. Drivers should be particularly cautious during peak traffic hours and in areas with heavy commercial activity. Keeping a safe distance between vehicles and being prepared for unexpected stops can help reduce the risk of accidents.

Interstate 240

Interstate 240 is another key road in Oklahoma City known for its traffic-related issues. This interstate often experiences heavy traffic flow, leading to congestion and increased accident risk. High speeds and close vehicle proximity are common causes of collisions on I-240. The road also has several sharp curves and short on-ramps, adding to the challenge for drivers.

Areas where I-240 intersects with other major highways are particularly prone to accidents. These intersections can be confusing, with multiple lanes and frequent lane shifts. Atmospheric conditions, such as rain or fog, can further complicate driving on I-240. Drivers are advised to stay alert, control their speed, and be mindful of other vehicles, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Factors Contributing to Dangerous Roads in Oklahoma City

Factors contributing to intersection dangers

A. High Traffic Volume. Oklahoma City's growing population has led to increased traffic on its roads. High traffic volume can lead to congestion, especially during rush hours. This congestion increases the likelihood of rear-end collisions and other types of accidents. Busy roads also mean more stress for drivers, which can lead to aggressive driving behaviors.

B. Poor Road Conditions. Some roads in Oklahoma City suffer from poor maintenance, such as potholes and faded lane markings. These conditions can be hazardous, especially for drivers who are unfamiliar with the area. Poor road conditions can result in damage to vehicles and contribute to accidents. Ongoing construction work to improve these roads can also temporarily increase the risk of accidents.

C. Intersection Design Flaws. Many intersections in Oklahoma City are not optimally designed for the volume of traffic they accommodate. Problems like inadequate signage, poor lighting, and confusing layouts can lead to accidents. Intersections with short green lights or lack of turn lanes can create backups and encourage risky maneuvers. These design flaws are a significant factor in the frequency of accidents at certain intersections.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Oklahoma City

Broadway Extension (US-77) and NW 63rd St

The intersection of Broadway Extension and NW 63rd Street is one of the most hazardous in Oklahoma City. This area is extremely busy, with a high volume of vehicles converging from multiple directions. The complexity of the intersection, with its various turn lanes and traffic signals, often leads to confusion among drivers. Rear-end collisions and side-impact crashes are common here.

North Pennsylvania Avenue and NW Expressway (OK-3)

North Pennsylvania Ave and NW Expressway form another dangerous intersection in Oklahoma City. This major crossroad sees a mix of commuter and commercial traffic. The intersection's layout and high traffic volumes create a challenging environment for drivers. Accidents here are often due to failure to yield, especially during peak traffic hours.

I-40 and I-44 Interchange

The interchange of I-40 and I-44 is a notorious spot for accidents in Oklahoma City. This complex interchange handles a large amount of traffic, including heavy trucks. Navigating this interchange requires careful attention due to its multiple exit and entry ramps. Collisions here are often high-impact due to the speeds involved and the complexity of the interchange. After you see a doctor, contact us to review your case if you have an accident in this area.

I-35 and I-240 Interchange

The interchange between I-35 and I-240 is another high-risk area in Oklahoma City. This junction is known for its heavy traffic and high-speed conditions. The complex design of the interchange, with its overlapping ramps and lanes, contributes to driver confusion. Accidents here often involve multiple vehicles and can lead to significant traffic disruptions.

NW 39th Expressway and May Avenue

NW 39th Expressway and May Avenue intersection is a busy and dangerous crossroads in Oklahoma City. This intersection sees a lot of traffic, including local and through vehicles. The layout of the intersection, coupled with heavy traffic flow, makes it a hotspot for accidents. Drivers frequently misjudge gaps in traffic or fail to adhere to traffic signals. If you have questions about an accident near this intersection, contact us today to speak to our team.

Factors Contributing to Intersection Dangers

Factors contributing to intersection dangers
  1. Poor Visibility. Poor visibility is a major factor contributing to accidents at intersections in Oklahoma City. This may arise from factors like inadequate street lighting, obstructed view from buildings or signage, and inclement weather conditions. When drivers can't see clearly, they're more likely to
  2. miss traffic signals or fail to see other vehicles and pedestrians. This elevates the risk of collisions, especially at busy intersections.
  3. Lack of Traffic Control Devices. Many intersections lack necessary traffic control devices, such as clear signage, functional traffic lights, or pedestrian crosswalk signals. This can result in confusion among drivers and pedestrians, increasing the risk of accidents. In some cases, existing traffic control devices may be poorly maintained or inadequately designed for the volume of traffic, further contributing to the danger.

How Richardson Richardson Boudreaux Can Help After a Car Accident in Oklahoma City

  1. Expert Legal Representation: At Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, we offer expert legal representation for car accident victims. Our experienced lawyers are familiar with the complexities of car accident cases, especially those occurring on Oklahoma City's dangerous roads and intersections.
  2. Investigation and Evidence Gathering: Our team conducts thorough investigations to gather all necessary evidence. This includes analyzing accident reports, obtaining traffic camera footage, and interviewing witnesses. By building a strong case, we aim to clearly establish fault and hold the responsible parties accountable.
  3. Dealing with Insurance Companies: Navigating car insurance claims can be overwhelming and confusing. Our attorneys are skilled in dealing with insurance companies. We fight for the full benefits of your insurance coverage.
  4. Maximizing Your Compensation: We are committed to maximizing your compensation. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Our goal is to ensure that you are financially secure during your recovery. Let us help you recover the compensation you deserve.
  5. Providing Support and Guidance: During the legal process, we provide continuous support and guidance. We know the emotional and physical burden a car crash can create, and we are here to help ease the burden. Our team keeps you informed every step of the way and is always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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