By: Chuck Richardson On June 12, 2018

Truck accidents are some of the most devastating that occur on roadways across the country, often resulting in catastrophic injuries that continue to affect a survivor for life. While it is generally advisable to hire an attorney regardless of the type of accident you were involved in, it is particularly vital in accidents that involve commercial trucks due to the complexities that are inherently part of such cases.

Below are some of the reasons why you must hire a truck accident attorney to help you pursue the fair and just compensation you deserve:

  1. To discover all liable parties: The primary difference between car accidents and truck accidents is the fact that more than one party is often liable for the accident. In fact, in addition to the truck driver, the truck’s owner, the truck’s manufacturer, the trucker’s employer, freight forwarding companies, the repair shop that maintained the truck, and more could potentially be responsible for the accident. This could make things a little complicated, which is why having a skilled truck accident attorney on your side is so critical to the success of your case.
  1. To handle negotiations: Given the number of parties that could be involved, you could end up having to deal with multiple insurance companies representing them. Each party’s attorney will be fighting to reduce or eliminate your claim, but if you have a strong legal advocate representing you who is skilled at negotiating, your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve will increase.
  1. An understanding of trucking industry laws and regulations: The trucking industry is heavily regulated and understanding it is crucial to a truck accident case. An experienced attorney will have this knowledge and be able to identify which laws were violated and how it contributed to the accident that caused your injuries.
  1. To guide you through the legal process: Legal matters are generally overwhelming and stressful, but if you are severely injured and trying to recover, having to fend for yourself in a truck accident case can become too much to bear. A truck accident attorney will help relieve your burdens, so you can spend more time focusing on your recovery while they take care of the rest.


If you were injured in a truck accident, reach out to the personal injury team of Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC for the help you and your family need. Our Tulsa truck accident attorneys have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for our injured clients and would be honored to do the same for you. For an aggressive legal advocate, contact our team.

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