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Therapists are meant to act as supporters and guides for the patients who come to them with physical or psychological troubles, mental disorders, and general emotional strife. However, in some cases, a therapist can abuse their patients through mistreatment or malice disguised as typical treatments.

If you suspect your therapist has engaged in therapy abuse, you should explore your legal options with Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC and our therapy abuse attorneys in Tulsa. Some of the reasons why we are the trusted legal “warriors for the people”:

  • We have tried hundreds of cases to jury trial with success.
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Forms of Therapy Abuse You May Have Encountered

It might seem unthinkable that a therapist would mistreat or abuse their own patients, but it can and does happen. The problem is worsened by the fact that therapy abuse can be so subtle, patients might not notice it right away, or ever at all. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, the results can be devastating for the patient, who trusts in their therapist to always act in a way that protects their best interests and health.

Therapy abuse can take many forms, including:

  • Crossing lines into physical or emotional relationships.
  • Misplacing blame for past events on the patient to make them feel guilty.
  • Giving egregiously negligent advice, such as to participate in improper activities.
  • Intentionally wasting time during sessions to earn more money from the patient.
  • Failing to give any actual advice, support, or peace of mind.

Seeking Compensation in Your Therapy Abuse Claim

It can be difficult to determine deserved compensation in a therapy abuse claim. You may need to consult with another therapist to get a fair evaluation of your mental health and how it has been harmed by your own abusive therapist. When calculating deserved compensation in a therapy abuse case, a good starting point is totaling all the money you have spent on your therapy sessions with the abusive therapist.

The final amount should be given back to you, along with additional compensation for noneconomic damages, such as emotional pain and the lessened enjoyment of life. Our injury attorneys are ready to help you through this entire process, making certain no unneeded stress is put on your shoulders.

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