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When two cars collide, insurance coverage is most often relatively straightforward. There may be minor disputes regarding whose insurance is applicable, but all potentially applicable coverage is usually easily and quickly identified. In dangerous property, negligence, and slip and fall cases, insurance coverage can be more difficult to identify. Attorneys who are not skilled in locating all applicable coverage risk costing clients hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

At the Tulsa, Oklahoma, personal injury law firm of Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC we can step in after your premises liability case and completely handle all aspects of your case for you.

We are experienced in investigating all insurance coverage, and in formulating persuasive arguments to extend coverage in accident situations. Our attorneys have each been voted an Oklahoma Super Lawyer and are members of the Oklahoma Lawyers Million Dollar Club. Additionally, we employ an in-house full-time nurse to assist in investigating of your injuries.

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What is “premises liability?”

Premises liability refers to the legal responsibility property owners have for the safety of guests welcome and invited to their property. This is particularly significant for commercial properties where customers, patrons, renters, patients, and other kinds of visitors who are wanted on the premises are exposed to conditions that hurt them.

These kinds of accidents are often called “slip and fall” claims, but the truth is that premises liability claims can cover any kind of injury that should have been prevented by a property owner.

Were you injured:

  • In a parking lot or ramp?
  • In a retail store, grocery store, department store or mall
  • At a hospital, clinic or another care facility?
  • In an apartment buildings, a private home, a townhouse complex or condominium complex?
  • In or around a swimming pool?

If so, you may have grounds to file a premises liability claim. A recent case illustrates our ability to recover maximum compensation in premises liability accidents. Our client contacted us after he was seriously hurt from falling debris in a private home.

Our client’s insurance attorney friend had told him his case was worth $150,000 to $175,000. We settled the case for almost $400,000. We settled another premises liability matter for $8,600,000.

Critical Steps To Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you are probably wondering what your next steps should be. Remember, whatever you say and do next can dictate the tone and ultimate outcome of your personal injury claim, so it is important to stay as calm as possible and carefully consider your actions.

Below is a list of steps you should take after being involved in a slip and fall accident:

  • Check for injuries: In a slip and fall accident, you can sustain injuries on nearly any part of the body and many of these injuries could take time before producing any identifiable symptoms, so make sure you carefully monitor yourself and take note of back, neck, and hip pain.
  • Speak to any witnesses: If there were witnesses at the scene, be sure to speak to them since their account of the incident could strengthen your claim. You should also write down their contact information since your personal injury attorney will want to reach out to them for their testimonies.
  • Report the accident: For example, if you slipped and fell in a store, you would file a written incident report with the store manager. Whenever possible, always report the incident immediately or call law enforcement to file an accident report.
  • Take pictures: Document the hazard that caused your fall by taking pictures of it and the surrounding area. Photographic evidence is a powerful tool and could strengthen your case.
  • Seek medical attention: Even if you do not believe you are injured, or think that your injuries are minor, seeking medical attention is crucial. It can protect your health by treating an injury you might not yet be aware of and ensure your claim is not handicapped later on if you choose to pursue one.
  • Reach out to a personal injury attorney: Having skilled legal representation on your side can greatly increase your chances of successfully securing compensation and avoid any mistakes you might make if you were tackling it on your own.

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If you have questions regarding dangerous property, and slip and fall accidents and injuries, contact us for a free initial consultation. We are available for evening and weekend appointments and charge nothing unless we win your case.

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