Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer

Riding a motorcycle on Oklahoma City's roads offers a sense of freedom, but it can also expose riders to serious risks. When motorcycle accidents happen, they often lead to severe consequences for the rider. 

Richardson Richardson Boudreaux stands ready to support those affected by motorcycle accidents. Our team of dedicated motorcycle accident attorneys in Oklahoma City understands the unique challenges motorcyclists face and fights tirelessly to protect their rights and secure the compensation they deserve.

Our Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company and pursue a motorcycle accident injury claim on your behalf. Learn more about injuries, wrongful deaths, and motorcycle wrecks below. Then, contact our experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

Our Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Fights for You After a Crash

Our Oklahoma City motorcycle accident attorney fights for you after a crash

After a motorcycle accident, you need someone who knows how to fight back against big insurance companies and negligent parties.

Our OKC Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer have a proven history of winning substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients. We understand a crash's impact on your life and are committed to helping you recover.

Dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle crash is challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. We will address the legal aspects of your case, from investigating the crash to negotiating with your insurance company.

This lets you focus on what's most important: your recovery. With our support, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in OKC

  • Left-turn accidents. Many motorcycle accidents happen when a car turns left in front of a rider. This often occurs because the driver fails to see the motorcycle.
  • Lane splitting. Lane splitting can lead to accidents, especially if other drivers are not expecting a motorcycle to pass them in slowed or stopped traffic.
  • Speeding. Speeding increases the risk of motorcycle crashes and can result in catastrophic injuries for the motorcyclist involved.
  • Driving under the influence. Alcohol and drugs impair a driver's ability to operate a vehicle safely, putting motorcyclists at risk.
  • Road hazards. Potholes, slick road surfaces, and debris can be dangerous for motorcyclists and can lead to motorcycle accidents.
  • Sudden stops. Rear-end accidents can occur when a vehicle abruptly stops, causing a following motorcyclist to crash into the back of the car.
  • Inexperienced drivers. Drivers without much experience might not be aware of motorcycles on the road, leading to accidents in Oklahoma City.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in OKC

Common motorcycle accident injuries in OKC
  • Road rash. Sliding along the pavement can cause road rash. This can range from mild to severe, potentially requiring surgery.
  • Broken bones. Motorcyclists often suffer broken bones in accidents, which can lead to long recovery periods and big medical expenses.
  • Head injuries. Even with a helmet, riders can sustain brain injuries. These could include concussions, cerebral contusions, and brain bleeds.
  • Spinal cord injuries. A motorcycle crash can damage the spinal cord, potentially resulting in partial or complete paralysis.
  • Internal injuries. The force of a crash can lead to internal injuries, which might not be immediately apparent but are life-threatening.
  • Leg injuries. The legs and feet are especially vulnerable in motorcycle crashes, leading to fractures, lacerations, and more.
  • Neck injuries. Neck injuries can occur during motorcycle accidents, causing pain, reduced mobility, and other long-term issues.

The Legal Rights of Motorcycle Accident Victims

Motorcycle victims can pursue compensation for their injuries. This covers payment for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer is dedicated to ensuring that victims understand their rights and receive the full compensation they are entitled to.

Victims also have the right to legal representation. This is necessary because the legal system and insurance companies can be complicated and intimidating. Our team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your rights are protected, and your voice is heard.

Types of Compensation Available

Types of compensation available
  • Medical expenses. Victims can demand compensation for current and future medical treatment related to their injuries, including hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and rehabilitation.
  • Lost wages. You can recover your lost wages if you miss work due to injuries. This also covers future lost earning capacity if you cannot return to your previous job.
  • Pain and suffering. Compensation for emotional distress can be considerable. It is just as important as physical injuries.
  • Property damage. You can receive compensation to repair or replace your motorcycle and other personal property damaged in the collision.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. If your injuries stop you from enjoying your hobbies and other life activities as you once did, you may be compensated for this loss. This acknowledges the impact of your injuries on your quality of life and well-being.

The Role of Negligence in Motorcycle Injury Claims

Negligence plays a key role in motorcycle accident claims. To win your case, you must prove that another party acted negligently, leading to the accident and your injuries. This requires showing that the other party had a duty to act safely, breached that duty, and caused your injuries.

Proving negligence entails a deep investigation and strong evidence. Our Oklahoma City injury lawyers are skilled in gathering the necessary documentation, witness statements, and expert testimonies to build a compelling case. 

Challenges in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Challenges in motorcycle accident cases
  • Determining fault. Establishing who is at fault in a motorcycle accident can be complex. We meticulously analyze accident reports, witness statements, and other evidence to accurately determine fault.
  • Dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies often try to minimize payouts. Our team knows how to negotiate aggressively to ensure you get a fair settlement.
  • Proving the extent of injuries. It is needed to document the full extent of your catastrophic injuries and their impact on your life. We help you gather medical records and expert opinions to support your claim.
  • Statute of limitations. There's a limited time to file an insurance claim. We ensure your case is filed promptly to avoid missing critical deadlines. In Oklahoma, the statute of limitations is usually two years for injury cases.

Overcoming Bias Against Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists often face unfair prejudices that can affect their legal cases.

Our Oklahoma City motorcycle accident lawyer works hard to counter these biases, educating judges, juries, and insurance adjusters about the realities of motorcycle riding. We present evidence showcasing your responsible riding and the other party's negligence.

We also focus on the severity of your injuries. We strive to underscore the impact of the crash on your life. By highlighting the truth of your experience, we aim to shift perceptions and ensure you're viewed fairly throughout the legal process.

How a Motorcycle Accident Claim Unfolds

  1. Report the accident. It's important to report the accident to the police immediately. This official report is a vital piece of evidence for your claim.
  2. Seek medical attention. Getting a full medical evaluation after the accident documents your injuries and starts your path to recovery.
  3. Consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer. Contacting our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers early on ensures you understand your rights and the next steps.
  4. Investigation. Our team thoroughly investigates your accident, collecting evidence and building your case.
  5. Filing the claim. We file a detailed claim on your behalf, outlining your injuries and the compensation you're seeking.
  6. Negotiation with insurance companies. We handle all negotiations, fighting for a settlement that covers all your needs.
  7. Going to trial. If a fair settlement can't be reached, we're prepared to take your case to trial to fight for your rights in court.

The Importance of Prompt and Thorough Investigation

A prompt and thorough investigation is the foundation of a successful accident claim. Our team of personal injury lawyers acts quickly to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and document the scene before it changes. This early action is essential for building a strong case that accurately represents the events leading up to your accident.

Utilizing Expert Witnesses and Accident Reconstruction Specialists

We often turn to expert witnesses and accident reconstruction specialists to support your claim. These experts can share necessary information about your crash and injuries. Their testimony can help with negotiations and at trial, helping to establish fault and demonstrate the impact of the accident on your life.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurers can be extremely challenging but vital for your motorcycle accident claim. Our Oklahoma City motorcycle accident attorney has extensive experience negotiating with insurers. We know their tactics and how to counter them effectively to ensure you receive the full compensation you're entitled to.

Strategies for Maximizing Your Settlement

  • Gather comprehensive evidence. Record a video or take pictures of the crash site. Also, the contact information of witnesses must be obtained.
  • Understand the full extent of your injuries. Do not rush to settle before fully knowing your injuries' long-term impact. Consult with medical professionals to assess your future medical needs and expenses, ensuring your settlement covers these costs.
  • Hire an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. An attorney with experience in motorcycle crash claims knows how to navigate the legal system and negotiate with insurance companies effectively. 
  • Don't accept the first offer. Insurance companies often start with lowball offers, hoping you'll accept less than you deserve. Always consult your attorney before accepting any offer, as they can help you determine if it's fair.
  • Prepare for negotiations. Your attorney will prepare a solid case for negotiations, armed with evidence and a clear understanding of your damages. This preparation shows the insurance company that you want just compensation.

When to Accept a Settlement Offer and When to Proceed to Trial

Deciding to accept a settlement or go to trial is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. Your attorney will advise you on your case's strengths and weaknesses and the settlement offer's fairness.

If the offer adequately covers your damages and future needs, it might be wise to accept it to avoid the uncertainties of a trial. But if the offer is too low and does not reflect the extent of your injuries and losses, going to trial may be the best option to pursue the full compensation you deserve.

Proceeding to trial can lead to a higher award, but it also comes with risks, including the possibility of receiving less than the settlement offer or even losing the case.

Your attorney will assess the likelihood of success at trial based on the evidence and legal precedents. This assessment and your personal preferences and financial considerations will guide your decision-making process.

Reach Out To Our Oklahoma City Motorcycle Accident Attorney for a Free Consultation

Reach to our Oklahoma City motorcycle accident attorney for a free consultation

If you suffer a motorcycle crash in Oklahoma City, don't navigate the aftermath alone. Richardson Richardson Boudreaux offers free consultations to help you understand your legal options and the best path forward.

Our team of skilled Oklahoma motorcycle accident lawyer is dedicated to fighting for the rights and compensation of motorcycle accident victims. Contact our Oklahoma motorcycle accident lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

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