By: Chuck Richardson On March 10, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed long-term care facilities throughout the United States and has killed over 160,000 residents and staff members, according to the AARP.

Unfortunately, since nursing homes have suffered staff shortages due to caregivers testing positive for the coronavirus and a lack of federal help to pay for more workers, overburdened caregivers have been so focused on and overwhelmed with preventing the spread of COVID-19 and tending to ill residents that a significant number of cases of neglect have resulted in tens of thousands of deaths during the pandemic.

Federal data shows that staff shortages have been reported in one out of four nursing homes in 20 states where cases are currently surging. In fact, some facilities were forced to evacuate due to many workers either calling in sick or testing positive for the virus.

According to data from The Associated Press (AP), for every two COVID-19 victims in nursing homes, there is another resident who prematurely passed away of other causes. Those “excess deaths” have led to an approximately 15 percent increase in monthly deaths in a normal year.

Common reports of nursing home neglect during the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  • Dehydration and malnutrition

  • Bedsores

  • Bruises, cuts, fractured or broken bones, and other injuries

  • Personal hygiene issues

  • Significant personality changes

Due to coronavirus restrictions, inspectors were frequently kept out of long-term care facilities. In addition, other healthcare providers such as dentists and podiatrists were also not allowed in nursing homes to provide care of each patient’s specific need.

However, one of the common causes of death among residents since March 2020 has been prolonged isolation from loved ones. Not only do family, friends, and even volunteers provide companionship and social interaction, but they also supplement hands-on care given regularly by staff members.

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