As with any tragedy our hearts of our attorneys go out to all of those families affected by the tornadoes that touched down across the United States this year. Our law firm was personally affected as many of our lawyers have family that live in the Joplin area and Joplin is so close to Tulsa where our headquarter office is located. Our sympathy to those families who lost their homes and especially those who lost loved ones. See the story below for more information.

May 22nd, 2011 – The city of Joplin, MO was hit with a strong punch as Tornadoes roared through the city late Sunday afternoon. Emergency crews were scattered while assisting in search and rescue missions and at the same time trying to move patients affected by a gas leak at St. John Regional Medical Center. Two buildings next to St. John were leveled by the tornado. As of 10pm Sunday night the death toll was 24 dead with many more missing. The death toll is expected to rise.

The Joplin Globe reported – Joplin resident Sara Ferguson, reached by phone, said she was in the 32nd Street area after the storm passed through. She said that side streets are impassable due to downed power lines. The area between Maiden Land and Jackson in that part of town is “just devastating to see,” she said. “The houses are all gone, the medical buildings are gone. (St. John’s hospital’s) windows have all been blown out. It was horrible. I couldn’t even take pictures on my phone, I was crying.” Reports from the area indicate the the old South Middle School and Irving Elementary have sustained major damage.

The images the news reports are showing on television are devastating as it shows the Joplin tornadoes path of destruction. The coming days will most likely show those families who lost loved ones in the tornado. These are the images that are too often seen as some deaths could have been prevented. These deaths are what we want to learn from so that other lives can be saved in future tornadoes.

Again our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the Joplin tornado. For questions about your legal rights contact the Law Firm of Richardson Richardson Boudreaux.

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