By: Chuck Richardson On January 23, 2018

Distracted driving is a massive problem across the country and is often the cause of a vast majority of crashes. While many of us associate distracted driving with cell phone use, there are actually many forms of it and, essentially, any behavior that takes all or some of one’s attention away from driving is considered dangerous and distracting. This means you have likely witnessed someone engaging in this terrible habit and might have even been involved in an accident caused by someone who was not paying attention to the road.


  • Talking on the phone and texting: When a person talks on the phone or texts, he or she cannot fully pay attention to the road ahead or maintain any meaningful sense of awareness. According to the National Safety Council, about 26% of all car crashes involve the use of a cell phone. If there is a call you need to answer or a text you absolutely must respond to, pull over to a safe area and take care of it before you resume driving. Chances are, however, it can wait.
  • GPS or navigational devices: Many of us rely on some type of navigational device to reach a destination. Sure, it is a lot safer than fiddling around with a map behind the wheel, but setting up a GPS route while driving is also dangerous. Instead of setting up your route while on the road, set it up before you even put your car in gear to avoid having to take your eyes off the road and make sure you turn the volume up, so you can clearly hear the directions rather than having to glance at the monitor.
  • Adjusting music or other controls: This is another task you should take care of before you begin your journey. Set the temperature in your car to ensure your comfort and adjust your radio or playlist to something you will not be tempted to change later on. Doing so will prepare you for a smoother and safer drive.
  • Grooming: Not all of us are able to make it out the door looking our absolute best, which sometimes means we end up making those last final touches on the drive to our destination. This requires taking your hands off the wheel, eyes off the road, and is basically a major recipe for disaster. If you need to groom yourself, do it when you are parked at your destination and not while you are driving.
  • Talking to passengers: We do not always drive alone and, when we do have a passenger, it feels natural to talk to them and awkward to drive in silence. While no one is suggesting that you ignore your passengers throughout the entire drive, your first priority should be to pay attention to the road. You should also never turn to look at your passenger while speaking to them.
  • Zoning out: Sometimes your hands can be on the wheel and your eyes on the road, but you are still simply not paying attention. This is particularly common for those commuting on familiar routes. Driving on autopilot while daydreaming can be incredibly dangerous, so try to maintain focus and do not let your mind drift.


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