By: Chuck Richardson On June 13, 2017


While commercial motor vehicles (CMV) are mostly driven by highly qualified, trained, and responsible people, they are incredibly dangerous. Most CMVs weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds and can cause extreme amounts of damage to people and other vehicles alike. It’s unavoidable to drive near or around these large trucks, but you need to understand where you should drive (so you’re not out of sight of the driver).

CMV drivers have to deal with large blind spots all around their vehicles, and when cars enter these places, the smaller vehicles are at risk of being crushed. The blind spots are so large on semi trucks they have been called “no man's land.”

Semis usually have 3 blind spots, including the following:

  • A spot directly behind the CMV, in the truck’s lane
  • One directly in front of the CMV, in the truck’s lane
  • One on either side of the CMV that can extend across several lanes

Tailgating is a bad idea no matter what kind of vehicle you find yourself behind; however, tailgating a CMV, in particular, can be even more disastrous. A big rig driver can’t see your car when you are directly behind it, and you can’t see anything over the height of the truck, making it impossible for you to predict when to slow down.

Likewise, if you need to pass one of these giant trucks, make sure to keep the blind spots in mind. Signal early so the driver can see you and move quickly to stay out of the truck’s side blind spots. If you can’t pass quickly, fall back a little so you can be seen again. Smaller cars and motorcycles can experience some turbulence when moving from behind a truck, so be prepared for that wind as well.

The best advice to take when driving on the road with a big rig is to pay attention and to be patient. Many smaller cars and vehicles tend to cause the most truck accidents because they’re too impatient to follow behind a slower-moving vehicle. Likewise, they have a hard time predicting how fast the truck and its driver can react.

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