By: Chuck Richardson On June 26, 2019

Summer is an exciting time as many partake in activities we otherwise cannot enjoy throughout the rest of the year. Most people take advantage of the warm and inviting weather by spending time doing outdoor activities such as hitting the road to reach their next road trip destination or joining a neighbor’s poolside BBQ. However, although this is a time of revelry and excitement, you cannot ignore the reality of summertime dangers and the many injuries they can incur. Preventing a serious injury or disaster may seem impossible to control, but it does not have to be. By taking certain precautions and being alert for potential hazards, you can safely and enjoyably do as you wish.

Before you get behind the wheel or jump headfirst into your pool, consider these tips to keep your summer as safe as possible:

  • Traffic accidents – During summertime, countless families and college students take to the open road to enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer. Whether you are taking a local trip to watch some fireworks or plan to be in your vehicle for a longer period of time, you must be prepared for the upsurge in travelers and partygoers who may contribute to the dangers of the road. Many people may be driving under the influence, which is why you must remain particularly vigilant for erratic driving behavior.
  • Swimming accidents – Tragically, many adults and children are victims of the drowning during the summer. Never swim without a lifeguard for adult supervisor on duty, especially if there is drinking involved.
  • Dog attacks – Even the most well-behaved dog may react violently if it feels threatened. The warmer weather naturally prompts pet owners to bring their animals outside to local parks and neighborhoods, though you should always be wary before approaching an unfamiliar dog no matter how friendly or harmless it seems.


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