By: Chuck Richardson On September 21, 2017

Kids are curious by nature, and this leads to a lot of learning experiences, possibly some with some minor boo-boos. While most of these injuries heal over time, all parents want to help their kids avoid a potentially devastating injury that can have life-long consequences. In this regard, kids are particularly prone to burn injuries. If you want to help your kids avoid the potential consequences of a serious burn injury, here are a few things you can do to reduce the risk.


Kids are particularly prone to injuries from three sources: scalds from hot liquids, contact with hot objects, and open flames. These also happen to be three of the most common burn risks found in a kid’s daily life. Here are some tips for preventing kids from suffering one of these major burn injuries.

  • Scald burns: The overwhelming majority of scald burns come from dealing with water that’s too hot, usually coming out of a tap. Make sure your water heater is set at an absolute maximum of 120 degrees, though less would be preferred. Teach your kids to always turn on cold water first and then add hot to it, as opposed to the other way around. Finally, make sure kids are always supervised in the kitchen, particularly if they’re going to be handling things like cups or dishes filled with hot liquid or hot food.
  • Contact burns: Hot surfaces can be found in many different places in a kitchen. Dishes that have just come out of the microwave and cups or containers that are filled with hot liquid are two of the most common sources of heat, however many people also forget about things like hot pots and pans, a clothes iron that’s currently plugged in, or even something as simple and innocuous as a curling iron. These are all things that need to be carefully watched and never left unattended around children.
  • Open flames: Children don’t encounter open flames very often during the day, but the risk is always constant. Kids need to be taught to respect fire and treat it with the utmost care and caution at all times. This includes instilling safety procedures such as “stop, drop, and roll” and keeping a safe distance away from fire sources, such as campfires. Kids also need to be taught that while matches and lighters may seem neat, they’re not toys and should always be left to grown-ups to handle.


These burns are much more infrequent, but pose perhaps the highest risk for serious damage compared to the others. Strong chemicals are an often-necessary part of a household, but they should always be kept locked up and well out of the reach of any curious children. Keep them in their original containers to avoid any potential confusion as to what something actually is, especially since that chemical could wind up being flammable. Speaking of flammable liquids, always make sure to keep them under an even closer eye.

Electrical burns are generally even rarer, especially as kids get older, but young kids in particular need to be watched closely around electrical devices. Consider kid-proofing your electrical sockets with removable plastic covers and pay close attention to any electrical cords to spot any fraying that may have emerged over time with continual use.

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