By: Chuck Richardson On July 31, 2017

Truck accidents can be devastating. Most commercial motor vehicles (CMV) weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds, and the heavier it is, the more force it will have if it crashes into another vehicle. Likewise, liability could involve many people in the trucking industry, from the drivers to the shipping company to the person who fixes the trucks. When attorneys are hired to help victims seek compensation, therefore, there are several things that should be done to investigate the cause of the collision and ensure relevant evidence is collected and preserved.

The investigation should happen as soon as possible after a truck collision occurs. The inquiry must also be thorough and timely; by being careful about studying the scene, lawyers can successfully increase the odds of a successful case outcome. The investigation might even result in a more valuable claim.

While there is no “standard” investigation because of the unique nature of each case, lawyers will investigate several areas connected with the claim that will prove useful. For example, we might visit or analyze the scene of the accident itself. If any visible debris were left behind, we could collect samples. We might also photograph or record the scene, notice lighting or visibility issues, detect traffic patterns, and record any skid or gouge marks on the roadway.

Additionally, we might contact anyone who might have seen or watched the accident happen. Sometimes it might be necessary to visit nearby businesses or homes to see if anyone witnessed the event and record audio or video statements. Law enforcement was likely called to the scene, so we might contact the agency who responded to the accident to obtain investigative reports and other useful evidence they might have available.

Skilled attorneys will also send out preservation of evidence letters, investigate the trucker and his or her employer, and retain experts who can help reconstruct the accident. Asking experts on truck accidents for help can often substantially increase the chances of a much more favorable outcome in the case.

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