By: Chuck Richardson On September 12, 2016

Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC is now investigating life insurance "death spiral" claims. If your universal life policy or flexible premium adjustable Life monthly deduction or premium payments have recently spiked, then our firm is ready to speak with you and help you assess your legal options.


In the insurance industry, a death spiral is an unexpected and rapid rise in premium or monthly deduction prices because of an alleged change in the provider's policyholder population. Often this "change" occurs because the provider realizes it will have to pay out more policies than it anticipated. Its response is to rapidly raise prices on the older, high-risk policies, pricing them out, and then keeping the money that was paid into the policy.

The insurance death spiral can be implemented in most forms of insurance coverage—including life insurance, where payouts are considerably high and policyholders usually spend years and years paying into their policy. When a death spiral forces life insurance policyholders from their policy, they not only lose peace of mind, but an untold amount of money they were assured their loved ones would ultimately receive.


Insurance death spirals always benefit the insurance provider and hurt its policyholders. Providers that implement these spirals are essentially bullying their policyholders into abandoning their claims.

Our firm believes that this practice is not just reckless, but wrong and deserving of legal remedy. That is why we are investigating life insurance policies for numerous life insurance providers.

Just some of the providers we are looking into include:

  • TransAmerica Group
  • Voya Group
  • AXA Group
  • RGA Group
  • Sun Life Group
  • SCOR Group
  • Genworth Group
  • Lincoln National Group
  • Accordia Group
  • Swiss Re Group
  • West Coast Group
  • Pacific Life Group
  • Principal Group
  • Munich Group
  • Lincoln Benefit Group
  • Berkshire Hathaway Group
  • Banner Group
  • Protective Group
  • Liberty National Group
  • Athene Group
  • Allstate Group
  • Ohio National Group

We invite anyone who has received correspondence notifying them that their cost of insurance, premium or monthly deduction in their universal life or flexible premium adjustable life insurance policy is increasing to call us. We would like to review a copy of the policy, the correspondence notifying the client of the increase, and all available annual statements. Our research indicates all major life insurance companies are orchestrating drastic increases on policyholders of advanced age and these policyholders may have legal recourse to hold these providers accountable.

Have you been notified that your life insurance policy premium is increasing? Call our dedicated and insightful team of Tulsa insurance law attorneys here at Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC today. Over the last three decades, our firm has recovered millions of dollars in relief for the injured, the bereaved, and the wronged.

Call us at 918-492-7674 today.

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