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Although they’re called “Man’s Best Friend,” dogs are animals and animals bite. In reality, dogs bite about 4.5 million Americans every year, half of who are children between 5 and 9 years of age. One in five of those bites lead to an injury requiring medical attention, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Although strays or other strange dogs can be the culprits, most attacks are by a familiar dog, such as a friend’s pet or even the family dog.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a dog bite, you have a right to pursue fair compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and other financial losses. With more than 100 years of experience, our Tulsa personal injury lawyers know what it takes to successfully recover the money you need.

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Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

There are many accidents and natural disasters that can’t be prevented, but there are many things for which you can take precautions, even dog bites. Below are some things you can do that will give you a very good chance of preventing an incident where you may be attacked or injured by a dog.

  • To prevent dog bites:
  • If you are selecting a family pet, try to choose one that has a good temperament.
  • In general, do not go near any dogs you don’t know.
  • Do not leave small children in the presence of a dog unsupervised — especially if the dog is unfamiliar to the child.
  • Do not attempt to play with any dog that is trying to eat or a mother feeding her puppies.
  • When approaching a dog, move slowly, and give the dog an opportunity to approach you.
  • If a dog grows aggressive, avoid running away or screaming. Remain calm, make slow movements, and don’t make eye contact with the dog.

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What Compensation Can Dog Bite Victims Recover?

If you have been bitten by a dog, you are entitled to recover fair and adequate compensation for losses and damages. These might include a broad range of damages suffered by the victim. The two main areas of harm are economic damages and non-economic damages, which can include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Costs to transport for medical reasons
  • Future medical costs for surgery or plastic surgery for scars
  • Loss of past, current or future income
  • Defensive measures like erecting a fence
  • Counseling expenses
  • Pain and treatment of the injury
  • Psychological suffering when encountering dogs or remembering the incident
  • Humiliation caused by scarring
  • Diminished quality of life because of a disability

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We would all hope that everyone would take responsibility for his or her own actions, or the actions of his or her pets. No one wants to start a legal battle with his neighbor, but we would all hope our neighbors, friends or family members would do the right thing if their dogs caused trauma to another person. Unfortunately, not everyone makes the right choice.

If you have been attacked, or bitten by someone else’s dog and the owner is not taking responsibility by compensating you for your medical needs, or worse – they are not taking action to prevent further attacks, contact our Tulsa dog bite attorneys. As Oklahoma’s largest plaintiff’s law firm, you can trust that we have the experience and resources you need on your side.

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