by rrblawadmin on December 01, 2017


Property owners are responsible for maintaining a relatively safe environment. So if you have suffered an injury caused by an unsafe condition on the property, you may be eligible to file a premises liability claim in order to recover financial compensation.

The following are the elements of a premises liability case:

  • The defendant causing the injury owned, occupied or leased the property
  • The defendant was negligent in the use of the property or failed to repair hazardous conditions
  • The plaintiff suffered an injury
  • The defendant’s negligence was a significant factor in causing the harm

Premises liability cases include a variety of situations. Some examples include slip and fall accidents, swimming pool accidents, dog bites, inadequate maintenance on the premises, negligent security, toxic chemical exposure, and fires.


Premises liability cases are often complicated. Just because a person has been injured on another person’s property does not necessarily mean that negligence was a factor.

An actual dangerous condition, which was unrepaired by the property owner, must be established to be the cause of the injury. Merely falling or suffering harm due to one’s own inattention will not be grounds for a claim.

If, however, all of the elements of a premises liability case have been met, it is wise to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney who deals with these types of cases. At Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients who have suffered injuries caused by negligent property owners. Our Tulsa personal injury attorneys can investigate your case, examine all of the evidence, negotiate with insurers, and build a strong case strategy to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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