by rrblawadmin on January 30, 2020

Each year, motor vehicle accidents kill more than 32,000 people and injure 2 million others. No one wants to become a statistic, nor lose a friend or family member to this troubling set of numbers. Unfortunately, Oklahoma teenagers are concerned about catastrophic car accidents every day, especially on Highway 266.

One Verdigris high school student said:

It’s sickening to think this is happening in our own community, my fear is it’s going to be one of my friends next or one of my family members.”

Parents are worried, too. Some don’t even let their teens drive on Highway 266 during rush hour.


In the last 4 years, more than 20 crashes have happened along this stretch of road, and 3 of those crashes were fatal. One resident witnessed 4 crashes outside of his home in one weekend alone.

Another stated:

I hear the impact a lot when crashes take place and it’s a sound that will keep you awake at night.”


Students and residents alike are taking action. On Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, the student body president of Verdigris created the Operation Slow Down 266 Facebook page, which gained 392 “likes” and 401 followers within 3 days. The goal of the page is to reduce the speed limit on Highway 266 from 65 to 55 mph.

While the operation is gaining traction, police told News on 6 that speed is not a factor in every crash on Highway 266. The fatal crash that occurred on Monday involved a motorcycle and was caused by distracted driving.

In addition to creating a Facebook page, the founder of Operation Slow Down 266 has reached out to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), requesting traffic lights and turn lanes along the highway.

Those who live in the area are also prepared. One man and his wife have made emergency bags with snacks and water for law enforcement officers and snacks and stuffed animals for children.

ODOT is aware of the problem, but officials have not yet made plans for construction on Highway 266.

City government is expected to request a traffic survey to reassess the roadway.

For more information, read the entire News on 6 article here.


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