by rrblawadmin on September 08, 2018

In a truck accident, several different factors can come into play, which is why these cases are often much more complex and require the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in handling such matters. Among some of the factors that could cause these terrible accidents are defects and equipment failure. Unfortunately, trucking companies sometimes fail to obey federal trucking regulations that require them to test their equipment to ensure they are safe, or the driver might neglect to inform the company of any defects.

Below is a list of some key points you should know about defects and equipment failure in trucks that could potentially lead to an accident.


A vast array of oversites and mistakes can lead to equipment failure in a truck. Some of the most common causes include:

  • The trucking company did not perform the regular maintenance that is necessary to keep rigs safe
  • The trucking company dispatched trucks with known mechanical problems
  • The truck was overloaded or its cargo was imbalanced
  • The truck driver failed to make the necessary stops or overrode the brakes
  • The truck driver did not properly use the warning lights when pulling to the side of the road or if the truck broke down


While there are certainly many types of truck equipment failure, some are much more common than others, including:

  • Brake failure: Inadequate maintenance can lead to several different issues, such as brake failure, which often leads to rear-end collisions due to the truck’s inability to stop.
  • Missing or defective lights: When the proper lights are not used, accidents can easily occur. Faulty taillights, headlights, or side safety lights can all put other drivers at risk for an accident since other drivers often rely on a truck’s lighting to avoid crashing.
  • Tire failure: If you have ever seen large chunks of tire on the freeway, it is fairly likely that it came from a blown out truck tire. Tire defects and failures can include tread separation and blowouts and are generally caused by a failure to properly inspect the truck’s tires.
  • Missing or defective mirrors: Trucks are massive and without proper mirrors, viewing other vehicles that might be riding along the sides, hidden in a blind spot, can be practically impossible. This is why it is always crucial to ensure a truck is not only equipped with mirrors, but that they are also functional and in good condition.


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