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Recent Posts in the Birth Injuries Category

  • What Are Common Birth Injuries?

    Babies are fragile creatures, especially in those first, tender days. Unfortunately, sometimes parents take their precious newborn home only to later ...
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  • What is Erb’s Palsy and is it Curable?

    A birth injury is not something most parents expect or are prepared to deal with. In some cases, a baby is lucky enough to achieve a full recovery ...
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  • The Most Common Types of Birth Injuries

    Most parents have one wish for their newborn child – for him or her to be healthy. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the negligent actions of a ...
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  • Is Cerebral Palsy a Curable Condition?

    Cerebral palsy is a common type of birth injury that affects muscle movement, coordination and, in some cases, vision, hearing, and sensation. ...
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  • How to Spot the Early Signs of Birth Injuries in Babies

    How to Spot the Early Signs of Birth Injuries in Babies I still remember the feelings of excitement and anxiety the day our first child was born, we ...
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  • Common Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

    After waiting nine long months to meet your newborn baby, generally, your only hope is for him or her to be born healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes the ...
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  • Birth Injury vs. Birth Defects

    New babies can suffer from two different types of medical issues: birth injuries and birth defects. Birth injuries occur during or soon after ...
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  • Anoxia Explained

    What Is Anoxia At Birth? One of leading causes of infant brain damage is lack of oxygen shortly after birth. Brain damage caused by lack of oxygen ...
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