by rrblawadmin on November 15, 2021

If you were in a car accident and were not injured, going through insurance companies can be quick and easy. You tell them your side of the story and whether you are at fault, then you receive money to fix the car. After that, you move on.

When it comes to an injury, your insurance company wants everything to operate the same way. They want to give you a quick payout, asking you to sign away your rights to sue. They will fill your head with reasons why consulting an attorney is a bad idea.

Before following this advice, ask yourself why the insurance company is suggesting this. Who are they trying to protect? Obviously, they are motivated by self-interest. Insurance companies, by design, take in as much money as they can while giving out as little as they are allowed. At every turn, find reasons to give you less money. Avoiding a lawsuit could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here are some common myths insurance companies perpetuate to avoid court.


Let’s be honest, hiring a lawyer can get expensive. However, to draw a line and say, “they will take half your damages” is misleading. In most cases, by law, your lawyers can take no more than 33% of the overall compensation.

That is a significant amount, but it’s much less than half. Furthermore, that figure assumes that your attorneys will take the largest amount of money possible. Most lawyers are not motivated by greed, despite the stereotype. Chances are, your attorney got into law because they care about people and social order.

Before you go to court, you and your attorney will negotiate your fees. They ask for 33% percent, or they could work for far less. Your agreement depends on your case, your need, your relationship with the attorney, and countless other factors.


Certainly, a lawsuit is not an easy, cut-and-dry scenario, so your insurance company is partially right about this. However, ask yourself why they are telling you this. If you look closely, you see that avoiding court is easier for the insurance company.

Insurance companies protect their bottom line, and they want to save money however they can. By offering you a lump sum, they’re trying to avoid court and any future expenses. Even when an insurance company wins a lawsuit, it loses money. It must hire lawyers who will build a case, pay for court fees, and so on.


Recall what we said about a car accident with no injuries. Handling that matter on your own can be easy. The insurance company is betting on your confusing a fender-bender with an injury. You had an easy experience getting repairs, and the insurance company wants you to think handling an injury will be the same. Don’t be fooled.

Injuries are vastly more complicated than property damage. You cannot accurately estimate the cost of treatment. What initially appears as minor damage could be something that requires continued, even lifelong treatment. Sometimes, you sustain new injuries in the process of treating the original one. For example, your injury could affect the way you walk. Now, you’re putting pressure on different body parts, wearing them down and causing new pains. Insurance companies want to give you a chunk of money and walk away from all future medical expenses, dumping them on you.


People have this notion that a lawsuit is a quick payday. This is not the case. Lawsuits are about compensating you for your loss. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, bills can pile up quickly. Once you’ve taken an insurance payout, you can still be charged for more treatments or therapies. At that point, you may appeal to your insurance company for more benefits, but you can be denied.

Through a personal injury suit, you can have your bills and lost wages reimbursed. You can be compensated for your pain and suffering. If the other driver was willfully dangerous, you could even be awarded punitive damages. Before taking that insurance settlement, talk to an attorney about your options.

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