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Motorcycle Laws in Oklahoma

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For the safety of both motorcyclists and other drivers on the road, Oklahoma law regulates motorcycle riding practices.

Title 47 O.S. § 1-135 governs Oklahoma motorcycle laws, which include rules on motorcycle licenses, passengers, and equipment.

Do I Need a Motorcycle License?

Yes. In the state of Oklahoma, you must have an “M” endorsement on your driver license in order to legally operate a motorcycle. To have an M added to your license, you must submit all relevant documentation, appear before a driver license examiner, and take several tests. In addition to testing your vision, your examiner will give you a written test and a driving exam.

If you take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course, your driving test may be waived. Drivers 17 and under MUST take an MSF course before they can get an “M” endorsement.

Do I Have to Wear Safety Equipment?

All motorcycles are required to have 2 functional rearview mirrors that are no less than 3 inches in diameter. They must also have a properly operating speedometer, a horn, a fender over each wheel, and a windshield. If your motorcycle does not have a windshield, you will need to wear goggles or a face shield to protect yourself and your vision. Any rider who is under 18 must wear a helmet.

While driving, you should always have your headlights on, even in the daytime. Your handlebar height cannot be higher than your eyeline, and your muffler and exhaust system must be in good working order and suppress noise.

Can I Bring a Passenger?

If you are over the age of 16, you may carry a passenger on your motorcycle, as long as your wheel diameter is 12 inches or greater and your bike has a double seating device with a footrest, or a sidecar. If your passenger is under the age of 18, they must wear a helmet. If you are under the age of 16 or your bike is not properly equipped, it is illegal for you to carry a passenger of any age.

Oklahoma Motorcycling Tips

In addition to following state law, TravelOK recommends the precautions below:

  • Practice before getting into traffic
  • Ride defensively
  • Follow the speed limit
  • Keep an eye on road conditions
  • Be mindful of other drivers’ blind spots
  • Don’t drive aggressively or weave in and out of traffic
  • Ride in the part of the lane where you are most visible
  • Avoid driving when you are tired or under the influence
  • Wear a quality helmet, eye protection, and thick clothing (like leather)
  • Brighten your outfit with colors and reflective decals
  • Use your headlights, day and night
  • Flash your brake before slowing down and stopping
  • Signal all turns and movements
  • Don’t be afraid to use your horn

If you abide by motorcycle laws and drive safely using the tips and tricks above, your likelihood of getting into a motorcycle accident will decrease dramatically. Still, you cannot control the actions of others.

What If Someone Else Causes My Accident?

If you are harmed by a negligent driver while riding a motorcycle, our final piece of advice to you is to contact our attorneys at Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC. We have a legacy of results and a pristine reputation in the legal world.

For the help you need to recover, call us at (918) 347-6456 or schedule a free consultation online.