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Which Seat is the Safest Place in a Car?

Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC

There was once a time where the backseat of a car was the safest place to be during a crash, though experts are now saying the rules have changed. 20 years ago, when vehicle technology was not as advanced and ever-changing as it is today, the backseat was considered to the best place to be in order to prevent sustaining a serious injury or worse. However, safety researchers now say that the safest place in a car depends on the make and model of your vehicle, and whether or not both the front and back are outfitted with the equally sophisticated safety features and elements.

According to experts, newer vehicles employ advanced seatbelt technology that focuses more so on better safeguarding occupants in the front as opposed to those in the back. These sophisticated seatbelts reduce the risk of chest injuries, which are common consequences of being involved in a crash and jolted backward by a tight belt. While the middle backseat is still the safest place in a vehicle for child passengers, adults should protect themselves and stay in the front.

Car manufacturers have taken great lengths to improve front seat safety, thus failing to consider the impact of a crash on passengers in the backseat. Unfortunately, until the industry takes significant steps to prioritize passenger safety via updated vehicle design and other important measures, these risks remain. In the meantime, manufacturers are working on overlap protection technology to increase the efficacy of their designs.

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