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Should I Apologize After an Accident?

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Accidents are traumatic experiences. After all, they happen out of the blue, when we least expect them and, if you are injured and sustained considerable property damage, you know you are in for more trouble in the aftermath. With the chaos and stress of the event, it might feel natural to apologize for the circumstances even though you were not at fault for the accident. Unfortunately, this is a major misstep and could cost you the compensation you deserve and need for medical bills, property damage, and even lost wages if you end up having to take time off from work.

Keep these important facts in mind to avoid making the mistake of apologizing after an accident in the future:

  • It might be perceived as an admission of fault: Apologizing to the other driver makes it seem as though you are claiming responsibility for the accident’s occurrence. It can be particularly damaging if you happen to say it to a police officer while they are filling out a police report since it could end up on record. The accident report will be requested by both insurance companies and they will argue that your apology is an admission of fault to squirm out of having to compensate you.

Even if your apology is not enough to blame the accident entirely on you, it could still make you partially liable for it, which can greatly reduce your compensation.

  • You are still not entirely aware of the facts: After an accident, you might not have all of the facts that led up to it. Maybe you believe you contributed to the crash, but now is not the time to apologize for it. Instead of rushing to take credit for something you might not have been responsible for, let law enforcement officers and your personal injury attorney investigate the case and figure out who was at fault.
  • Focus on what is important: Apologizing might seem like a kind gesture, but it cannot help anyone. If you really want to be helpful during this difficult time, ask everyone involved if they are okay. Does anyone need emergency medical assistance? You should also call law enforcement, even if the accident appears to be minor, because you will need them to file a police report. It is also imperative that you take some time to collect as much information as possible.
  • Exercise caution when talking to insurance companies: Insurance companies have one primary goal – to ensure you receive little to no compensation. When the insurance adjuster contacts you after an accident, keep in mind that he or she is not your friend. Keep your guard up and absolutely do not apologize for the accident. The insurance adjuster will almost certainly use it against you.

Car Accident Attorney in Tulsa

Car accidents are common occurrences and often leave survivors facing terrible injuries that require expensive medical treatments and lost wages. You should not have to bear the burden of paying for someone else’s mistakes. At Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC, our skilled Tulsa personal injury attorneys will do what it takes to recover compensation on your behalf. We are ready to advocate for your maximum recovery and, to ensure you are focused on your wellbeing, you will not have to pay us any legal fees until we win your case.

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