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Tips for Safe Driving

Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC

Car accidents happen all the time, involving even the most seasoned drivers. The fact is that no matter how long you have been driving, every driver can benefit from improving their skills by reading up on some safety tips to ensure they are not engaging in any dangerous practices or unsafe habits.

We have compiled a list of driving tips that will help make your road trips safer, not only for yourself, but for your passengers and others on the road as well.

  • Focus on the task at hand: When you are on the road, it is crucial that you focus all of your attention on driving. Distractions make it difficult to maintain the level of awareness that is necessary for you to react to obstacles on the road, making it more likely for an accident to occur. This means you should never use your cell phone while driving and that you should avoid other distracting activities, such as eating, drinking, grooming, adjusting your GPS navigation system, or performing any other task that might take your focus away from the road. If something is truly urgent, take a moment to pull over to a safe area to address it before you resume driving. Nothing is worst risking your life, so stay safe and keep your eyes and mind on the road, and your hands on the wheel.
  • Drive defensively: What does it mean to be a defensive driver? It means that you are not only aware of your own actions as a driver, but of others as well. Always be aware of other drivers around you and be prepared to expect the unexpected. Additionally, you should also keep a 2-second cushion between you and the car in front of you. Increase the distance to a 4-second cushion in poor weather conditions.
  • Always plan ahead: To avoid feeling like you have to multitask while on the road, plan ahead, so that you have time to take care of everything that needs to be done before you hit the road. If you end up having to eat lunch while behind the wheel, this can end up being distracting and dangerous, so plan to eat before you leave or carve in some time for a rest stop to eat. Rest stops are also helpful if you need to answer a text, email, make a phone call, or even if you just need to take a break from driving and stretch your legs, depending on how long the drive is. Having this time set aside can ensure you are not trying to perform any of these tasks while you are driving, so make sure you manage your time appropriately.
  • Practice safety: A major part of safe driving happens before you even start your engine. If there is anything loose in your car, make sure you secure those items, so they do not move around while you are driving. If something does fall, never try to retrieve it while you are driving. You should also always have the items you need, such as toll fees, toll cards, or garage passes within easy reach to avoid fumbling through your things while trying to drive. Many safe driving habits are also common sense. If you are too tired and can barely keep your eyes open, get some rest before you begin driving or, if you are already on the road, make a rest stop to take a nap.

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