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How Long Does a Personal Injury Claim Take to Settle?

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If you are in the midst of a personal injury claim or would like to pursue one, one of the questions you have likely pondered over is in regards to the length of time you can expect your case to take. However, since no two personal injury claims are alike, it would be impossible for anyone to state how long one must take. It all depends on the specific factors of a case and on how willing you are to accept less money.

Here are some factors that can impact the length of time your personal injury claim takes:

  • Your case has some issues: The value of a personal injury case is determined by both liability and damages and if either one of these elements is compromised or difficult to prove, a case can suffer. For example, if your physician is unsure that the defendant caused your injuries, obtaining a fair settlement will be difficult. It is also unlikely that an insurer will attempt to make any kind of offer until a judge rules on your right to sue.
  • Your case involves a large sum of money: If your case involves large damages, an insurer will do everything possible to avoid having to compensate you and will investigate every aspect of your claim to find holes in your case. If they realize they do not have a good defense, that your injuries are truly severe, and that your credibility is unblemished, they might be prepared to settle though they often hope that the injured party is so desperate for money that he or she will accept less money to avoid having to wait for a case to reach a resolution.
  • You did not reach maximum medical improvement: A good reason to wait on a settlement in a personal injury case is that you are still going through recovery for your injuries. Waiting to reach your point of maximum medical improvement gives your attorney a more accurate value of your damages. If you can afford to wait, this is your best bet at receiving a fair settlement.

Of course, you can settle your case at any time, but generally, accepting money too quickly from an insurance agency means you are settling for much less than your claim is worth. Once you accept an offer, you cannot reopen your case if you discover that the amount you settled for was not enough to cover the costs associated with your injuries.

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