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Unique Challenges in Motorcycle Accident Claims

Unique Challenges in Motorcycle Accident Claims
Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC

The motorcycle accident claim process can be quite different compared to claims involving automobiles. There are a variety of considerations that injured motorcyclists must face which are not common for car accident victims.

The following are the unique challenges in a motorcycle accident claim:

  • Injuries are often more severe. Motorcyclists typically suffer more serious injuries in comparison to car accident victims. The obvious reason being that a motorcyclist doesn’t have the same amount of protection to shield them from bodily injury. In addition, motorcyclists are more prone to being thrown from their bike, resulting in severe skin injuries and road rash. Depending on the severity, injuries may be permanent.
  • The stereotype associated with motorcyclists. Since motorcyclists commonly avoid traffic by weaving in-and-out or splitting lanes, many people consider this type of behavior as reckless and perhaps negligent. However, what is considered as dangerous behavior to some can be seen as normal for all motorcyclists. The truth is that there are more responsible motorcyclists than daredevils on the road.
  • Unfamiliarity of motorcycle operations. When a case goes to trial, the jury may not be familiar with motorcycle mechanics. Furthermore, if your claim doesn’t go to court, insurance companies may trick people into accepting an accident settlement that much less than they actually need.
  • Lack of documentation. Since motorcyclists tend to suffer more serious injuries compared to operators of motor vehicles, collecting all of the proper information after an accident may not be possible. However, seeking medical attention immediately after an accident can leave a paper trail of your injuries. Proving fault without documentation can be difficult without the legal assistance of an experienced attorney.

If you suffered a serious injury in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent party in Oklahoma, request a free consultation with our Tulsa personal injury lawyers at Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC today.