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Drowsy Driving vs. Drunk Driving

Drowsy Driving vs. Drunk Driving
Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC

Despite the fact that people are arrested for drunk driving every day, everyone understands the practice is extremely dangerous. In 2015 alone, more than 10,000 people died in alcohol-related crashes according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, what people don’t know is drowsy driving can be just as hazardous, if not more so.

Drowsy driving is estimated to be one of the leading factors in 20% of fatal crashes. A study from AAA states drivers who don’t get 7 hours of sleep increase their risk of a crash exponentially. Missing only 1 to 2 hours of sleep doubles a driver’s crash risk while missing 2 to 3 hours increases the risk of an accident by 400%.

Scientists have studied the sleep cycle of humans and have concluded adults need 7 hours of sleep at least per night. Without it, people tend to drive as if they were under the influence of alcohol. AAA studies have shown getting less than 5 hours of sleep is equivalent to driving drunk. Another study from UCLA demonstrated a single beer can affect someone who slept only 4 hours the same way 6 beers might affect a well-rested person.

Tired drivers are slower to react, are more likely to be distracted, and are prone to dangerous decisions. Likewise, more than half of drivers involved in fatigue-related accidents experienced no symptoms before falling asleep behind the wheel.

Sleep deprivation is also a massive problem among U.S. workers, particularly for those who work night shifts. A survey by the CDC found that 35% of adults usually sleep for less than 7 hours daily and 12% report sleeping for 5 hours or less.

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