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Safety Tips for Cyclists

Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, PLLC

Cycling to get from place to place has a number of benefits – it’s a good form of exercise, reduces your carbon footprint, and saves you the cost of having to regularly fill up your gas tank. Because of the lack of protection bicycles offer cyclists, however, it’s imperative that you practice extreme caution to ensure that you’re being as safe as possible and to reduce the chances of being involved in a dangerous accident. In this blog, our Tulsa bicycle accident attorney shares a few tips cyclists should consider before taking their bicycle to the streets.

Use Hand Signals

Unlike cars and trucks, bicycles are not equipped with turn signals and brake lights to let other drivers know where they’re trying to go or what they’re trying to do. Under no circumstances should you assume that drivers know when you want to turn or go into another lane – you should make your intentions clear to everyone on the road, which will help make your bike commute safer.

Go Through Your Mental Checklist

Are your brakes working? Is your bicycle seat at the proper height? Do your tires have enough air? These are questions you should run through your mind before getting on your bike. This allows you to take care of any issues you otherwise would not be able to, should they cause a problem during your commute.

Be Seen

If you’re someone who rides their bike in the evening hours, it’s important that you install a light on your bike and wear clothing that can be visibly seen in the dark. Avoid blind spots at all costs and try not to weave in and out of cars in traffic. The unfortunate reality is many drivers are distracted by cell phones or the radio and may not be paying close attention to the road.

Wear a Helmet

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your safety is to protect your head. Wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of life-threatening injuries, but it’s often the safety tip most cyclists ignore. While cuts and bruises will heal over time, sustaining a head or brain injury can be extremely debilitating.

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