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Anoxia Explained

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What Is Anoxia At Birth?

One of leading causes of infant brain damage is lack of oxygen shortly after birth. Brain damage caused by lack of oxygen falls into two different categories: anoxia and hypoxia. Anoxia occurs when the infant undergoes a total lack of oxygen. If the brain is deprived of oxygen for even a brief period of time, the infant’s brain is not getting enough oxygen to function smoothly and will begin to malfunction. Anoxia can lead to mental delay, physical disability, blindness and permanent brain damage.

What Causes Anoxia?

Unfortunately, anoxia is a common hazard of childbirth. However, some cases of anoxia can be traced to medical negligence, for example the doctor, or medical professional, failed to adequately recognize that a mother would have a difficult birth in prenatal care. Anoxia can also happen in post delivery care if medical professionals fail to recognize, and react quickly, to circumstances which indicate anoxia is possible.

Some of the common causes of anoxia include:

  • Umbilical Cord Problems: A twisted, prolapsed, or knotted umbilical cord which can cut off an infant’s oxygen supply.
  • Birth Canal Problems: An infant may get stuck in the birth canal when a mother undergoes a difficult labor.
  • Blocked Airways: Mucous can sometimes become lodged in an infant’s lungs, constricting critical airways.
  • Placental Eruptions: The placenta and uterus separate too rapidly reducing a newborn’s oxygen supply.

How do I Know if my Baby has an Anoxic Brain Injury

If you suspect you newborn has suffered an anoxic brain injury you should have a test performed immediately. There are number of tests that can confirm an anoxic brain injury. These tests include a Head CT scan, an MRI, and an Electroencephalogram (EEG).

Birth Injury Victims and Their Families Should be Compensated

Life changes for everyone when anoxia happens at birth. The effects of anoxia can last a lifetime and can require life-long treatment. You and your family should not have to carry the burden of lifelong medical costs alone. If your newborn is suffering from anoxia-related brain injury, your family deserves financial compensation for the harm you have suffered.

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