By: Chuck Richardson On December 8, 2017

New babies can suffer from two different types of medical issues: birth injuries and birth defects.

Birth injuries occur during or soon after delivery. Whether it is brain damage or broken bones, there are a variety of birth injuries. In some cases, these injuries cannot be avoided in spite of the doctor’s best efforts and proficiency.

However, there are other cases where the injuries are caused by the actions of doctors and other medical staff. A baby can be wounded by an incorrect method of delivery, the misuse of extraction tools such as forceps or a vacuum, or because a healthcare provider failed to monitor the health of the baby and/or mother.

On the other hand, birth defects are congenital health complications, meaning they develop before the baby is born. They are often caused by inherited genetic abnormalities or the mother’s health during pregnancy. Common birth defects include congenital heart issues, Down syndrome, spina bifida, and cleft lips.

Expecting mothers should carefully review health and wellness plans with their physicians to make sure their medications and lifestyles will not increase the risk of birth defects. If a baby is born with unexpected complications, families need to question healthcare professionals to understand how and why the baby’s condition developed.

In many cases, it is wise to seek legal help from an experienced lawyer who will work with affected families to recover monetary damages for their child.

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