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Few people can understand the devastation of having a child experience birth injury due to someone else’s negligence. When that personal injury occurs because of a doctor’s error at the birth of your newborn, the emotional trauma the family experiences is almost incomprehensible. Still, some studies show that 6 to 8 out of every 1000 infants leave the hospital with some kind of birth injury. Many of these infants suffer injuries that will affect them and their families for the rest of their lives.

At Richardson Richardson Boudreaux, we believe the families of birth injury victims should be compensated for accumulated medical expenses and the cost of future care. We also believe that it is critical to hold negligent medical professionals accountable for the injuries they cause. When you retain our firm, our Tulsa cerebral palsy lawyers will work tirelessly to pursue the just compensation you and your family deserve.

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What Is Erb’s Palsy?

One of the most common types of birth injury is something called Erb’s palsy or brachial plexus birth palsy. The brachial plexus is a set of nerves that connects the nerves in the arm to the spinal system. The function of these nerves is to provide movement and feeling to the arms, shoulders, hands, and fingers.

Erb’s palsy is usually associated with a difficult birth in which at some point the infant’s neck is stretched to the side. The good news for parents is that physical therapy classes can often help a young child recover from this palsy, regaining feeling and function in the affected regions of the arm, shoulders, hands, and fingers.

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Common Causes of Cerebral Palsy in Babies

While some believe that cerebral palsy comes from a maternal infection before birth, many doctors believe cerebral palsy is connected to possible brain injuries that could occur during difficult deliveries. Infants that have cerebral palsy may have been injured in one of the following ways:

  • Deprived of oxygen for extended periods during delivery
  • Too forcefully pulled out of the womb
  • Dropped onto a hard surface (such as a floor)
  • Doctor’s instrument injuries

We Are Experienced Palsy-Focused Tulsa Lawyers

The damages to you child and your family caused by the pre-natal negligence or birth errors will affect you for the rest of your life. No amount of financial compensation will undo the harm that has already been done. However, it is completely appropriate that you pursue the fullest compensation to mitigate the effects these errors will have on your future.

Over the years our firm has developed a distinctive reputation for successfully helping clients recover financial damages. If your child has cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, facial nerve palsy or any other injuries related to birth errors or doctor negligence, give us a call. Let’s discuss your story and how we can help investigate the facts and put together the right case strategy for your family. Let our team go to work on your behalf right away.

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