By: Chuck Richardson On March 29, 2019

Insurance companies make money when you receive little to no compensation for your injuries. Keep that in mind as you begin moving forward with a personal injury claim. During your conversations with the insurance adjuster, it might seem like he or she is on your side and trying to be helpful, but the fact is that the adjuster's job is to act against your interests.

Before you start dealing with the at-fault party's insurance company, continue reading to find out which mistakes you need to avoid throughout this process:

  1. Never sign a medical release form: You will likely receive medical release forms in the mail, which the insurance company will claim is to verify your injuries. However, your medical records contain a lot of personal information about your life, which you should not divulge to them. Asking you for your medical records is a ploy for them to go sifting through your medical history in an attempt to find anything that might harm your case. You are not obligated to allow them access to your medical history, so politely decline to do so.
  1. Do not rush to settle your claim: If you were severely injured, chances are the medical bills are beginning to flood in. Do not let your financial circumstances force you into a decision that will ultimately cost more in the long run. If you rush to settle your claim and accept too little for your injuries, when the money runs out, you will have to foot the rest of the bill yourself. If your injuries end up requiring long-term or lifelong care, this could be particularly devastating for you.
  1. You should not believe the estimate the adjuster tells you: During your conversations with the insurance adjuster, he or she might estimate a value for your claim, which you should not believe. It is in the best interests of the insurance company that you believe your claim is worth less than it is. After all, if you believe them, you will not try to negotiate or pursue a settlement that exceeds their offer. The personal injury attorney you hire will provide a more accurate estimate of your claim.
  1. Be polite and honest: The insurance adjuster is not on your side, but that does not mean you should be rude or dishonest. Being rude is not going to encourage him or her to help you. Additionally, if you are dishonest, it can later be used against you if your case goes through litigation. The last thing you want is to look like a liar in court.


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